Event Details

Friday May 1st - Sunday May 3rd, 2020

There are two venues of awesomeness for the event this year!

Venue l: 18 Road/Bookcliffs Trail System BICYCLE DEMO venue
Venue ll: Downtown Fruita PRODUCT EXPO venue

Scroll below for details about the two venue locations and the schedule of events.

Participant Registration Links Below:

Exhibitors Only Below:

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Locations - Schedule Of Events

Venue Area 1

18 Road/Bookcliffs Trail System Bicycle Demo Venue

Festival Pass or Demo Pass required to Demo a sweet ride. No pass required to come hang out and chat.

This is the area in the North Fruita Desert click here for a map of how to get to 18 Rd where you can use your pass to demo the latest Mountain Bikes from the top manufacturers in the industry.  Check our updated exhibitor list here to see a complete list of all of all bike manufactures and related companies participating in this year’s festival at the 18 Road/Bookcliffs Trail System Venue.


Thursday (4/3o/20) 18Rd

Exhibitor Arrival & Set Up
4:30pm   Exhibitor Only Mixer-18rd
At White Registration Tent (Exhibitors will get info on this event)

Friday (5/01/20) 18Rd

8am     Event Opens
Pre-Registered & Day Of Festival & Demo Pass may be picked
up or purchased at White Registration Tent.
1pm     Guided Ride
Beginner / Intermediate Skill Level.  Trail Route TBD - Meet at white Registration Tent.
3pm    Event Closes
Event closes for the day (Head to Fruita for live Music and Oskar Blues Beer).

Saturday (5/02/20) 18Rd

8am    Event Opens
*Pre-Registered -
Festival & Demo Pass Pick-Up Open at White Registration Tent
*Day of Registration Open -
Festival & Demo Passes may be purchased at White Registration Tent
10:30am    Guided Ride
Trail Route TBD.  Meet at White Reg Tent
1pm    Guided Ride
Trail Route TBD.  Meet at White Reg Tent
3pm    Event closes

Sunday (5/03/20) 18Rd

8am    Event Opens
Festival & Demo Pass Pick-Up Open at White Registration Tent
*Day of Registration Open:
Festival & Demo Passes may be purchased at White Registration Tent
1pm    Event Closes

Venue Area 2

Downtown Fruita - Product Expo Venue, Food and Music

Open to the public - No pass required

Downtown Fruita will host the afternoon and evening events as well as Mountain Bike Accessory, Apparel and other related Outdoor Recreation vendors.  Check our updated exhibitor list here to see a complete list of all of the companies participating in this year’s festival at the Downtown Fruita Venue. 
*Note: All bike demo’s will be conducted at 18 Rd.


Thursday (4/3o/20) Fruita

Exhibitor Arrival & Set Up
4:30pm   Exhibitor Only Mixer -18rd
At White Registration Tent (Exhibitors will get info on this event)

Friday (5/01/20) Fruita

11am    Downtown Event Opens.
2pm   Downtown
Oskar Blues beer tent by COPMOBA Open./Food Vendors Open
4pm    Downtown
Concert Starts (Performer Details TBD)
7pm   Downtown
Lighting of the Fire Pit.  Close of Street Exhibitor Booths.
9:15pm Last Call
Oskar Blues Last Call for Beer!
10pm   Concert Ends
Event Closes

Saturday (5/02/20) Fruita

11am   Downtown Event Opens
11am   Downtown
Kids MTB Rodeo
11am Downtown
Oskar Blues beer tent by COPMOBA Open/Food Vendors Open
2pm Downtown
1st Annual Fruita Hayride Criterium
4pm   Downtown
Concert Starts. (Performer Details TBD)
7pm   Downtown
Lighting of the Fire Pit.  Close of Street Exhibitor Booths.
9:15pm Downtown
Oskar Blues Last Call for Beer!
10pm Downtown
Concert Ends.Event Closes

Sunday (5/03/20) Fruita

10am    Event Opens
12pm    Event Closes


About Fruita Fat Tire Festival (FFTF).

Started in 1995 by Troy Rarick, co-founder of a fledgling mountain biking and rafting rental store in sleepy downtown Fruita, Colorado had an idea to build a place for people to ride mountain bikes that was not Moab, Utah (no offense Moab, we love you)  The goal of that first festival was a simple one:….. to bring fun friends and MTB enthusiasts to the area, celebrate the sport we love and have a killer time in the process.  Fast forward 25 yrs and Fruita is now a world-renowned MTB destination and that little store, Over the Edge Sports, has grown to 6 locations and planning for more awesomeness in the years to come.  The FFTF has grown right along with it, now typically featuring 50+ vendors and nearly all the major bike MFG’s in the MTB industry.  The goal of the FFTF is to be an amazing but intimate weekend experience to put you and MTB Bike and Industry Companies together.  Buy a pass, demo all the bikes you can handle and decide if it’s time to upgrade or maybe realize that your old bike, the one you thought was perfect for you… still is!  Knowledge is power, come expand your knowledge while participating in some of that still killer fun we mentioned earlier.

Why show up?

If you’ve never visited Fruita, 18 Rd or any of our other amazing Grand Valley trail systems then that’s reason enough.  However, we’re not the secret we once were so here are a few other reasons to check out the FFTF.

Location & Layout- 18 Rd is a series of loops offering different challenges and appeals to differing skill levels. Click the button below to see the trail system.

Ability to focus
Demo a wide variety of bikes on the same trails.  What better way to figure out the nuances of a bike than to boil it down to just how the bike feels and performs.  Same rider, same trail, same time period, different bike.  The location, layout, and selection of different trails let you find the trail tempo you like so you can focus on the bikes you want to sample.

Smaller crowds
While having great attendance the FFTF is not as crowded as of the other MTB gatherings and due to being located right at where the trails start, the vendors can quickly turn bikes around so many more people can have a turn. 

They are a thing, they have arrived and we have them at the festival.  While almost all of the 18 Rd trail system is not open to E-Bikes the BLM has designated access from the festival to a connecting trail system to the east that allows E-Bike participants to ride a trail consisting of 2 loops and almost 10 miles of double track and singletrack.  Click here for the E-Bike trail map.  It’s an excellent way to demo your first E-Bike and see what the hoopla is all about.  Last year 4 vendors had E-Bikes and we expect more vendors for 2020 to bring some too.

Beer, Food & Music
Ready to kick back and reminisce about the epic day you just spent riding.  Festival Venue 2 in Downtown Fruita is ground zero for more MTB Vendors, Oskar Blues Beer, Food and fun high energy music.   Most of our apparel, gear and other outdoor rec vendors (who like to keep their stuff a little less dusty) will be set up downtown.  Sitting around the campfire after a long day of riding has its appeal but you can do that anytime. Take full advantage of the festival by enjoying how the town of Fruita rolls out the welcome mat and celebrates all things mountain biking.  The FFTF is one of the locals favorite festivals of the year and we are proud of the seamless mesh of natives and visitors all celebrating the sport we love.

All levels of riders welcome.

The FFTF is geared at celebrating, exploring and LEARNING about mountain biking.  We are not a festival aimed solely at big air, high speeds and epic crashes. Our goal is to have fun, pure ol’ fun. So if you are into riding mountain bikes for the fun of riding them. Come check out our event. All are welcome, fast rider, slower rider, young or aging nicely we have something for everyone. The 18 Rd Trail System is considered a less technical system compared to other trail systems in the grand valley (although a few trails will give you all you want if you like Crunchy, Techy moves) and provides riders with manageable climbs, long flowing descents, some challenging technical moves and the chance to catch a little air if that’s what your heart desires.  It is a great place to test out some sweet new bicycles.

The FFTF will also offer guided rides to Fest Pass holders where skilled locals and potentially a visiting pro or two will take you out on selected trails and offer tips and tricks to help improve your MTB skills. 

Click button below for more details.

Vendors will educate you on the differences in their range of models and direct you to the bike that best suits your style of riding as well as fit you to your proper bike size and positioning.  A beginner can smile all day long doing laps on Kessel Run or cross country on Zip Off while the intermediate rider can challenge themselves on PBR, Joes Ridge or Western Zippity.  Feeling like you’re ready for a stiffer challenge?  Zippity Do Da and Chutes & Ladders will offer you all sorts of opportunities to challenge yourself.  Almost all trails are accessed by climbing the venerable Prime Cut and picking your choice of the trail at the top.  The beauty is all skill levels can climb together, take different trails down and easily connect at the bottom to do it all over again.  Come See what 18 Rd and the FFTF is all about!

View trails map around Fruita

Other trail systems

There are three other trail systems in the Grand Valley. Kokopelli Loops, The Tabeguache/Lunch Loops, and Rabbit Valley are very fun and worth exploring. We permit the event with the BLM to be run at 18 Road, so please stay at 18 Road with the Demo Bicycles. But if you bring your own steed please check these other areas out. Ii is worth the effort !

I tried so many bikes I can not believe it. I will be back again.
— Tim S
The weather was great, the demo bikes were great, the fire pit downtown was huge. A fun weekend for sure.
— Steve M
All the people were so nice, I especially enjoyed the group rides with Justin. He gave me pointers that have helped my riding tremendously
— Alice W
I love the sunsets in Fruita, a great place to visit.
— Colin M
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